Lark Music 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba African Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Keyboard Portable Music Instrument Key C


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Brand: Lark Music


  • High-quality Materials: Naturally dried mahogany and ore metal composed of kalimba. The metal keys are mounted on a wooden box that acts as the resonating chamber.
  • Carefully Designed & Wonderful Sound: Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that delights your day long. With a voice-activated sound hole on the back, you can put your finger on the sound hole, you can create a special sound when you master the rhythm. This is a great instrument for performance, recording, family entertainment,outdoor, school, party, and relaxation.
  • Easy to Play - you can play with the steel sheet, the sound is clear and clear like a music box. It is the best and warm gift for kids and adult as toy and musical instruments.
  • Basic Learning Course: With our professionally produced kalimba learning course booklet, it introduces the use and performance method of kalimba in detail.
  • After-sales Service: ONE YEAR WARRANTY, 60 days unconditional return and exchange guarantee. If you have any questions or requests regarding the instrument, please feel free to contact us.

Publisher: Lark Music


- Model:KLBLARK-17

- The number of keys:17 keys

- Tonality:C key

- Body material:Mahogany

- Key material:Stainless steel

- Product Dimension: 7.3 * 5.5*1.4 inch

17 Key Kalimba Mahogany African Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Keyboard Music Instruments The thumb piano originates in Africa.

Such an instrument are played for the function that it's not only rid the evil from patients, but also play the role of praying for rain. Therefore, it is one of people's favorite instrument

The metal keys are mounted on a wooden box that acts as the resonating chamber.

To play, rest the thumb piano on the fingers of both hands and hold it between your palms.

Pushes down on a key with a thumb or finger, and when the key is released, the vibration resonates in the wooden body, making nice sound.

Cover the vibrato holes with your fingers. Then pluck the keys with your thumbs.

The longer keys have lower pitches and shorter keys have higher pitches.

Every kalimba that we sell will come tuned to a specific tuning, and will come with that tuning spelled out on paper. Every kalimba that we sell is a real musical instrument.

Are you a musical genious? Or do you just know music theory? This kalimba can do just about anything.

UPC: 612409904492

EAN: 612409904492

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 8.7 x 2.9 inches

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