Hand Painting "Summer Lotus" 6 Hole Ocarina,Alto C,Glazed Ceramic,Beautiful Design,Wine Bottle Style by OcarinaWind


  • Pitch:C5-E6 including sharps and flats.
  • Material:Glazed Firing Ceramic.
  • Length: 4.7 inches or 12.1 cm.
  • Width: 3 inches or 7.5 cm.
  • It comes with an instructional booklet,finger chart and a songbook, as well as a strap, so you can wear this ocarina on your neck wherever you go.


 The 6 hole Alto C Ocarina, key of C5-E6, is 100% hand painted by skillful painter.

Through high temperate glaze firing, this ocarina has smooth and glazing surface

with exquisite breath response and crystal clear tone.

“Lotus” is behalf of good things in Chinese culture, it also has a spirit of "Live in the

silt but not imbrued". The flower of “Lotus” is bright-colored and elegant. The “Lotus”

on this ocarina is 100% hand painted by professional Chinese Painter. So you can

find every lotus on the ocarinas are some different. This ocarina is not only a music

instrument, but also a Chinese collectible ceramic craft.

Play it for fun or give it as a gift ,this ocarina will be a good choice. What are your

waiting for? Just get one and enjoy the music of this fantastic ocarina.


Pitch:C5-E6 including sharps and flats

Length: 4.7 inches or 12.1 cm

Width: 3 inches or 7.5 cm

Material: Glazed Firing Ceramic

Package Included:

1 x 6 Hole Ocarina

1 x Chinese Jade Neck Strap Cord

1 x Song book and Finger Chart

1 x Ocarina Pouch

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